Welcome to the blog for the Centre for Canadian Studies (CCS) at the University of Leeds. The Leeds Regional Canadian Studies Centre, supported by the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK has been in existence since 1979, when the Canadian High Commission in London recognized the university as a centre of excellence in Canadian Studies in the UK. The current Director is Professor Graham Huggan.

The Centre has a multidisciplinary focus, exploring subjects ranging from climate change to French-Canadian poetry. Among other activities, it supports students through postgraduate scholarships, assistance with conference expenses, travel awards,  essay prizes, and social events for students interested in Canada. The Centre actively seeks to co-operate with other UK-based Canadian research centres in order to foster a nationwide community of Canadianists and Canada-based research.

Here you will find reflections on experiences with Canada: these can include creative pieces, journalistic writing, (short) academic articles, drawings, recipes, photos and everything in between. We welcome submissions from anyone, although we hope to encourage students in particular. We will review any submissions before deciding whether to post them. We very much welcome comment and debate, although we would ask that comments be kept objective and do not descend to personal attack. Please send submissions to homeforarestleeds@gmail.com.


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