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Welcome to the blog for the Centre for Canadian Studies, Leeds!  Now for an explanation of our name — it’s taken from the song ‘Home for a Rest’ by the Canadian band, Spirit of the West. This song describes a group of Canadians on a long  spree in the UK, exploring both their excitement at ‘the bars on Charing Cross Road’ and ‘Yorkshire’s green fields’ and their longing for home.  The sense of a meeting point between Canada and the UK inspired our name, as we are hoping that this blog will explore a variety of meeting points amongst Canada, the UK, and other countries.

‘Home for a Rest’ has become a traditional Frosh Week (Fresher’s Week) anthem at Canadian universities.  Picture a bunch of  first year students, half with Frosh Week (Fresher’s) flu, pounding up and down in a club  and screaming ‘You’ll have to excuse me/I’m not at my best/I’m so sick from the drink/I need home for a rest/Take me home . . .’ with extreme fervour — the last three words especially loudly. It’s the legitimate way of expressing the homesickness that all first year students feel, but no one wants to admit.  Check out the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPJD3qcIL7s.

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